Iowa State men’s basketball: Georges Niang weight loss inspiration came from Twitter


Thanks to social media, Iowa State forward Georges Niang found the motivation to lose weight because somebody told him that his breasts were bigger than their girlfriend’s.

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When being interviewed by reporters at the 2014 Big 12 Men’s Basketball Media Day, Niang finally gave us the true reasoning behind losing over 30 pounds during the summer (via Ames Tribune).

"“I think that was when someone (tweeted at) me I had bigger breasts than their girlfriend,” Niang joked, “I figured I should probably get myself together after that.“I think I might’ve ate a salad after that game.”"

Obviously, the real motivation behind Niang’s weight loss came during his interview earlier in the day. After ballooning up during his injury, the forward needed to drop the weight. Niang realized that if he wanted to be his best on the court and avoid sustaining any similar injuries in the future, working out was the best option.

However, we can also thank Twitter for some great things it’s given us. I’ll admit, the social media giant can be very cumbersome when having to navigate through a likely IQ average of 62. But it’s given us some great things.

Like the hashtag #TheseOsAintRoyal, spawning a Jeremy Guthrie t-shirt in a postgame press conference that angered Baltimore fans but gave Kansas City fans and everyone else in America something to laugh at. It aided McDonald’s in endorsing Iowa State’s uniforms last week.

It also gives Iowa State fans the pleasure of looking at the worst of the Hawkeye fanbase, which couldn’t get any funnier.