Iowa State football: Cyclones unveil gold uniforms, McDonald’s jokes ensue (Update)


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Iowa State released the look of their gold uniforms they’ll be wearing against Toledo this Saturday. The jersey looks similar to something America’s favorite fast food mascot would wear, and as expected, the same joke was repeated multiple times on Twitter.

First, here’s a look at the jerseys, modeled by tight end E.J. Bibbs, from the “Cyclone Football” Twitter account with the tagline, “#Cyclones going for Gold on Saturday.”

There were a handful of fans that liked the jerseys, but most responses were jokes involving McDonald’s and mustard, and not just from the Hawkeye trolls (which none made the final cut, sadly).

Am I a fan of the gold mustard jerseys that makes the cardinal look like ketchup? Not really. If you want to sell me on gold uniforms, 49er-colored gold is as close as it gets, and I’m still not that particularly fond of it.

But a solid color of mustard doesn’t look good, and many people will agree with that assessment. But you know what? These jerseys aren’t for me or anyone above the age of 19. It’s for the kids, and you know how much kids love Ronald McDonald.