Real Hawkeye Tweets: Iowa fans outrage over basketball prospect cancelling visit


A prospect considering the University of Iowa in the men’s basketball class of 2015 decided on Thursday night to pull his official visit, and Iowa fans weren’t happy by how he phrased it.

It all began when Evan Boudreaux from Lake Forest High School tweeted the following:

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You know how some recruits announce their decision beginning with “I’m happy to say…” However, Boudreaux decided to start that in referring to not going somewhere, which probably wasn’t the best choice of words on his part. But considering he’s just in high school, I doubt there was any strong ill-will in the post.

By now, you should know how this story ends. Hawkeye fans seeing the post reacted in the best way they could to his announcement — insecurely. They decided to call out Boudreaux over Twitter. Calling out a high schooler on Twitter because, somehow, that makes them feel better.

Now we reach the point where jokes are trying to be made, but they’re just…not funny.

And of course, the classic “keep it classy” tweet.

Kudos to the Hawkeye fans that actually weren’t stupid and just did what people should always do when talent decides to look elsewhere — wish him or her good luck in the future. Remember this next time: if you’re offended by what a high school student says, you’re the loser.