Real Hawkeye Tweets: Iowa fans troll Iowa State football practice, aren’t good at it


As Iowa State media reports on the first day of Cyclone football practice, bored Iowa fans can’t help but browse through the #Cyclones hashtag on Twitter and make a big deal out of nothing. As expected, stupidity ensues.

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Because watching Hawkeye sports is the equivalent to watching the World Series of Darts, some Iowa fans tend to look toward Cyclone athletics and bash on it because, well, what else are they going to do? Des Moines Register reporter Tommy Birch tweeted out a simple picture from practice this morning.

Now don’t get this post wrong. If you’re a Hawkeye fan and want to take some jabs at Cyclone football, be my guest. Here’s one that’s done the right way:

Now, that’s funny. It’s clever and not serious (and to avoid confusion, referring to a picture that you’ll see later). That’s something Twitter should always ever be because it’s the worst forum to actually get serious about anything. Twitter is made for quick jabs in fun or quick takes and reactions, not trying to explain yourself after saying that women provoke being beaten.

For example, some people use Twitter for #HOTTAKES, then try to defend themselves after saying something incredibly stupid. Actual Hawkeye fans went to the assumption that because Iowa State football practice has a Hawkeye dummy, that’s clear evidence that they are only focusing on that game this season.

Nah, that can’t be serious…


Cyclone fans pointed out that Iowa had posters hung up after ISU’s 44-41 triple-overtime victory, but–

The complete leap to a conclusion like that is hilarious, but also sad because they actually believe in their minds that it’s true.

You can now go back to being bor–what?

Crap. Now they’re just full of excitement.