Attack of the Cyclones: Five keys to Iowa State basketball win over Oklahoma State


Clones Confidential’s podcast Attack of the Cyclones makes its debut in 2015 on the same day Central Iowa recovers from the aftermath of the season’s biggest snowstorm.

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Yours truly talks for about 25 minutes on dealing with the snow when having to ship out a new computer. On topics that people actually care about, which is Iowa State athletics, we talk about the following:

  • Five keys for Iowa State basketball to defeat Oklahoma State, such as taking better shots and getting back the real Bryce Dejean-Jones.
  • Fred Hoiberg’s dancing in the Infiniti commercial for charity.
  • ESPN’s College GameDay is headed to Ames on January 17th for the Kansas-Iowa State game.

Another topic I venture into is popular sports radio personality Steve Czaban of Yahoo! Sports trashing the FanSided network. As a fan of his and constant listener for over a year, I give my thoughts on his constant bashing of various sports blogs out there. Here’s the podcast:

Apologies for the rambling and zero editing — simply not enough time. If I don’t get an RSS feed up today, it will happen tomorrow.

Also, I’ve realized that getting at least one other person on the podcast will improve things dramatically. I have a lot to say, but it’s incredibly easy to tune out listening to the same voice for 25 straight minutes. If you have an interest in talking about Cyclones athletics and have a podcasting background, shoot me a message in the comments section. Comments, suggestions, and complaints are also always welcome there too.

Thanks for listening!

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