Iowa State basketball: Watch Fred Hoiberg breakdance in commercial for charity


It turns out that Iowa State basketball coach Fred Hoiberg has hidden more dance skills from us than we thought. In a new commercial from Infiniti for charity, Hoiberg showed off his moves to win some votes. He may have done the job.

First off, let’s set up the commercial. The minute-long video is for the Infinity Coaches’ Charity Challenge. People will be voting for their favorite coach and the winner will pick a charity for Infiniti to donate $100,000 to.

Hoiberg pulls up by Pittsburgh head coach Jamie Dixon and is taking him somewhere, but first wants to stop and do a little something for charity. Dixon agrees since it’s for charity, and then Hoiberg hands him a track suit. Greatness ensues afterwards.

We really couldn’t ask for a better way to start 2015 than watching Hoiberg breakdance to Naughty by Nature’s “Hip Hop Hooray.” All right, we could have asked for a win on Saturday night, but this mends the pain a little bit. Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery comes in to challenge him, but given his violent history, we’re just glad he didn’t punch the nation’s best-looking coach in his dreamy face. Either way, the voting results in this contest between McCaffery and Hoiberg will probably be similar to the final score between the teams on December 12th.

The dance is a follow up to a previous moment of excellence when Hoiberg danced in front of his team after a gutsy win over North Carolina in last year’s NCAA tournament. That was a long time ago, so let’s refresh our memory.

Hoiberg’s come a long way from his ditty nine months ago. On the weekly coaches call-in show at Applebee’s on Monday night, Hoiberg addressed the commercial.

The Iowa State head coach already has a firm lead in the challenge, but he needs all the votes he can get. Click here to help The Mayor give a six-figure check to the American Heart Association.

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