Iowa State men’s basketball: Fred Hoiberg dances in Cyclones locker room after victory over North Carolina (Video)


Here’s Iowa State head coach Fred Hoiberg’s best impression of Mark Madsen after the Cyclones advanced to the Sweet 16 with an 85-83 victory over North Carolina.

Be warned. As great of a coach Hoiberg is, this is perhaps the most white guy dance in history since Madsen.

For those that don’t know who Madsen is, he’s a former Los Angeles Lakers player that danced to Shaquille O’Neal rapping during the 2001 Lakers championship parade.

Let’s compare with that video below.

Let’s see that Hoiberg dance again in an unlimited, glorious loop:

I’m all for the dance. When you lead Iowa State to the Sweet 16 for the first time since 2000, you have to let out some celebration — it doesn’t matter how it happens. I can’t dance any better than that, and over 75 percent of you white guys looking at this post can’t either.

Although, Hoiberg’s son may have a different angle on it.

Oh well, he’s still the Mayor. Him and his team will continue to dance to New York City on Friday night.

UPDATE: Knowing that this dance would become viral, Hoiberg apologizes to his daughter. FanSided has the full coverage right here.