Attack of the Cyclones: Five takeaways from Iowa State basketball’s loss to Baylor


Two podcasts in one week? I’m finally responsible for once in delivering a promise. Attack of the Cyclones is in your ears twice this week, and hopefully the other promise of an RSS feed will come soon!

Here’s the break down for today’s podcast:

  • Five takeaways from Iowa State basketball’s loss to Baylor, including the importance of Naz Long and not giving up so many assists.
  • Looking ahead to the Big 12 slate for Saturday, January 17th. Big games for Oklahoma and Texas.
  • I fumble around with ESPN College GameDay information that can be found here.
  • 14 football prospects are coming to Ames this weekend. What to expect with GameDay for the basketball team and what it means for football.
  • Talking about football prospects turns into a lookahead for the 2015 football season and Paul Rhoads’ future, naturally.

UPDATE: The doors at Hilton Coliseum will not open until 8:00 AM Central time for College GameDay. It was changed from the original 7:00 AM time per ESPN’s request.

Thanks again for everyone that is listening to the podcast. This one clocks in a little bit smaller at 20 minutes.

Again, no RSS feed yet, but I’ll keep everyone updated on here and on Twitter. From a guy that relies on listening to podcasts through RSS feeds on BeyondPod, I understand how important it is.

Next week we’ll have some surprises, including the possibility of breaking up the monotony of my voice! As always, I’ll accept any comments, criticisms, suggestions, and more.

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