Iowa State basketball: Cyclones move to 12th in AP, Coaches polls


The Iowa State basketball team is getting closer and closer to a top-10 spot in the rankings as they hit 12th in both the Associated Press and Coaches polls.

Currently sitting at 9-1, the Cyclones received 821 points in the AP poll and 413 points in the Coaches. They didn’t edge out anyone, but they’re still quite a few points away from Wichita State at 11th in both polls.

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Texas is still the top team in the Big 12 at ninth with Kansas honing in at 10th. Other Big 12 teams that are ranked are West Virginia (18th in AP, 17th in Coaches), Oklahoma (19th in AP, 20th in Coaches), Baylor at 22nd, and — can you believe it — TCU at 25th in the AP poll (just missing the cut at 28th in the Coaches).

Kentucky is still the unanimous top dog in the AP poll receiving all 65 first-place votes. Duke, Arizona, Louisville, and Virginia round out the top five and are all still undefeated. Wisconsin is sixth at 10-1, Villanova is seventh at 11-0, and Gonzaga is eighth at 11-1.

The top 16 teams are all the same in both polls. Rounding out those top teams after Iowa State beginning with 13: Washington at 10-0, Utah at 8-2, Maryland at 11-1, and Notre Dame at 11-1. Other notable teams making the top 25 are Northern Iowa (23rd in AP, 24th in Coaches) and Colorado State (24th in AP, 25th in Coaches).

Iowa State won’t be able to do anything with their ranking for quite a while. They have this entire week off and will be back on the court on New Year’s Eve against Mississippi Valley State. Do you agree or disagree with the Cyclones’ newest ranking?

Source: ESPN

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