Bryce Dejean-Jones arrest: Marijuana charge dropped, noise violation trial date set


Iowa State men’s basketball guard Bryce Dejean-Jones, who was arrested late Wednesday night on three separate charges, saw the biggest charge dropped and could have him playing on Friday night against Iowa.

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Dejean-Jones was arrested with two simple misdemeanors and a serious misdemeanor. The serious was “hosting a drug house” and the two simples were a nuisance party violation and a noise ordinance violation. He was arrested at about 3:30 AM late Wednesday night, or early Thursday morning.

However, according to an update from the Iowa State Daily, the judge ruled that there wasn’t enough probable cause to charge Dejean-Jones with “hosting a drug house” after police found some marijuana there. If more evidence is found, they would look at this case again.

"A judge did not find enough evidence to support the charge of hosting a drug house. Holmes said that a charge could be refiled later if police are able to gather more evidence.“Everything is fact-specific and fact-driven,” Holmes said. “We have to have some proof to establish that a person did what is alleged.”"

Contrary to earlier reports that said all charges were dropped, just the marijuana charge was dropped. The other two noise violations have a trial date set.

Now that BDJ is free from the marijuana charge, it will be interesting to see if he does get any suspension. There’s still the concern that police worked with Iowa State men’s basketball to fix this problem in the past, and Dejean-Jones still got arrested for it.

For now, I’d actually expect the Cyclones’ second-highest scorer this season to suit up and play in Iowa City, but don’t be surprised if Fred Hoiberg decides to suspend him for one game because it was an ongoing problem. Hoiberg is set to talk to the media at about 4:00 PM this afternoon.

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