Attack of the Cyclones podcast: Would Paul Rhoads even make it past next year?


It’s finally back. After a way too long hiatus, Clones Confidential’s podcast, Attack of the Cyclones, is back up and running.

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On today’s podcast, I ramble on about the Iowa State football team not getting it done again this year. I discuss my two cents on why this team is as bad as it is and fails to reach bowl expectations for a second straight season. Also, I give my take on if Rhoads would even survive after getting another year to push things in the right direction.

In a lighter and better mood, I also continue rambling about the Iowa State men’s basketball team by further talking about their domination against Viterbo and looking ahead to Oakland and Georgia State. I also talk about me being happy that more non-conferences games are on the ESPNs and not — for some reason.

Click on the player below to listen to the podcast. I do a lot of rambling and don’t have time to edit, so you get a full 25 minutes of Iowa State yak in your ears:

I promise to be more organized in the future, but I wanted to throw something up before the basketball season begins.

I’ll also be getting an RSS feed up (something I never did last time) so people can download podcasts to their favorite apps like BeyondPod.

As always, let me know what you liked and what can be improved on by commenting on this post or talking to me on social media. Also, feel free to give your angle on things like I did. Thanks for listening!