Iowa State football: Pay the AD’s fine by supporting Blank Children’s Hospital


Hate the Big 12 and want to help Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard pay a fine that should be pinned on all the refs that made the mistake instead?

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Well, Pollard doesn’t need any charity — he’ll have other help in paying that $25,000 penalty. But there’s another idea that fans like you decided to do with the money that was being raised.

Donate that money to a place that needs it.

Iowa State fan Chris Johnston sent the details on how the fundraiser was born on the Cyclone Fanatic forums and actually contacted Pollard on which charity to support — Blank Children’s Hospital. The goal? To raise $25,000 of course.

"It started out as kind of a joke Kickstarter, and evolved into a fundraising drive. We emailed Jamie and asked what charity he’d like us to support, and he said Blank Children’s Hospital. Therefore, we’ve started a fundraising drive with the goal of matching Pollard’s fine to the Big 12 with a gift to Blank Children’s Hospital. Blank set us up with a donation website."

While I thought fans on Twitter had a good idea of helping pay Pollard’s fine by writing Bob Bowlsby 25,000 $1 checks and mailing them to his home, I think this is a much better idea.

Donating just takes a few minutes. Get a credit card handy and click here to head to the UnityPoint Health Des Moines donation page. Select Blank Children’s Hospital under Designation, then choose ISU Alumni Honoring Jamie Pollard under Sub Designation.

After that, just fill out your name, details, and payment information and click Donate. You’ll be good to go!

Many thanks for the kind donations, and go Cyclones!