Iowa State men’s basketball media day: Cyclones show 20-17 win over Iowa on scoreboard


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Iowa State threw a jab at the Iowa Hawkeyes during the men’s basketball media day by putting up the final score of the football game, 20-17, on the scoreboard.

Associated Press writer Luke Meredith posted a picture showing the final score on Twitter. “Expert trolling” couldn’t have explained it any better.

The gesture was clever. Iowa fans can’t stand losing to their rivals in football, and Iowa State will love to keep poking the bear until next season.

You know the drill by now, though. Some Iowa fans took the bait hook, line, and sinker. It was reminiscent of last fall camp when they got mad Iowa State was using Hawkeye gear during practice.

Apparently like how Iowa State was supposed to follow some rule of not looking ahead to Iowa or whatever back then, they are supposed to follow the rules of showing only basketball scores. There’s also rules on storming the court too…somewhere. I’d like to know where this “book of rules” is at. Anyway, a Cyclone fan asks if one of the men’s basketball victories from last year would suffice the requirement.

At this point, I’m in favor of any subtle slap to the Hawkeyes because it’s hilarious to see both their anger and horrible trollback attempts. You’d think they’d care more about talking about their football team, but I completely understand not wanting to watch a minute of Big Ten football.