State of the Cyclones: Iowa State volleyball looks to stay strong


Howdy, howdy fellow Iowa State fans. Welcome back to our weekly series, State of the Cyclones.  It’s the fall season and while it’s easy to focus solely on football, we can’t forget about the far more successful women’s fall sport in volleyball.

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The volleyball team has been on a tear in recent years.  In 2013-2014 they went 18-10 overall with an 11-5 Big 12 record.  They finished even better in 2012-2013, so this success is not something new to the team.  Notable results last season were a 3-1 match victory over in-state rival Iowa to go with multiple victories over the majority of the Big 12.  While I mentioned this recent season had a slight downturn in success, it is still excellent to see strong records come from volleyball team over some of our long-time rivals.

This season has started out somewhat slowly for the team.  They lost their first two matches against higher ranked foes like Stanford and Florida State, but they are on a three-game winning streak since, dominating Omaha, Tennessee, and Northern Iowa in the Iowa State Challenge tournament held right here in Ames. The big matchup against Iowa looms in the distance on September 20th so get out and root for your volleyball team!

For individual stats from 2013, Mackenzie Bigbee led the squad in kills with 324 and was followed by Ciara Capezio, who had 273.  Tenisha Matlock led the team with 72 blocks and Caitlin Nolan served quite well at 95 percent.  The team this season returned all its players save for Matlock and none of them are seniors, meaning they should produce at a high level again and have at least one more year after 2014 to represent Cyclone Nation.

Thank you for joining us for this installment of our series.  We only have a few more sports to go through and next we’ll be looking at the Cyclone women’s Swim/Dive team.  Join us next time for more Iowa State athletic recaps.