Iowa State vs Iowa football: Campus police have grade school Twitter war


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University of Iowa and Iowa State University campus police had their own fun on Twitter, talking trash to each other before the big game on Saturday. The results were cringeworthy.

Iowa starts off the exchange with a knock-knock joke. I assume that’s all anybody in Iowa City knows how to start a joke off with.

No, Iowa State probably shouldn’t have. But they did, and that led to this incredible knee slapper.

At first, the ISU police had nothing to retaliate with. Just like the first two games of the season, Iowa State just slumped down and took the loss.

But alas, it wasn’t for long. About an hour after admitting defeat, the Iowa State police went full Hawkeye Fan and brought up the numbers. You could almost see a Steve Urkel clone blast out of a chemistry lab room at Gerdin Hall with the stats in his nerd book.

Iowa police then brought out some numbers of their own, but Iowa State retaliated with what they should have said to them in the first tweet.

The U of I tried to keep nudging at them like that annoying guy who doesn’t realize that he doesn’t have a chance with the cute blonde next to him in class but still tries his damndest to get a number.

So there you go. I just wasted five minutes of your day. You’re welcome! Now let’s hope the game isn’t as futile as this on Saturday.