Iowa State football camp: Defensive ends coach believes Cory Morrissey has taken next step


In an interview with the media during the second week of practice, Iowa State defensive ends coach Stan Eggen talked about the overall improvement he’s seen in his players. Most notably Cory Morrissey, one of the captains of the football team.

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“I just think he’s such a great young man,” Eggen said.  “He’s a leader, and he’s taken the experience that he’s had, and now taking that next step and using it. Just working on the finer points of his game.”

Morrissey was spotlighted in practice yesterday, and the defensive end definitely has some flare in him. He’s a little bugged that the defense gets as bad of a rap as it does. Still, there’s always room for improvement, and he hopes the rest of the line can do it with him. Eggen’s had a plan to help them out.

He’s being more disruptive, and that’s what our thought is right now,” Eggen said. “Letting those guys cut it a little bit loose. Still take care of their assignments, and be accountable to the team. But play with a chip on their shoulder, and get off and disrupt things.”

Eggen goes on to explain that the newcomers — the JUCO transfers — have developed consistency, and that’s all very good news. We’ve already showcased Trent Taylor’s potential to shine on the line, willing to be versatile and play anywhere on the line. No matter where he plays, he just wants to become Iowa State’s new sack leader.

The mindset seems very strong on the defensive line. It should be; with how much it got rocked in the running game the returnees should be pissed. Now we’ll see if it can translate onto the field.

Source: Cyclone Fanatic TV