Iowa State students create ‘Unofficial VEISHEA’ Facebook page


It doesn’t matter what Iowa State president Steven Leath says. Some students are already starting up “Unofficial VEISHEA” on Facebook to keep the celebration alive.

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Earlier today, Leath officially ended VEISHEA, retiring the name because the nearly century-long tradition went from celebrating the university to drinking with your buddies on every single night of the week. Sometimes that transferred into drinking before and after class.

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened during VEISHEA this year that resulted in its eventual termination. A football player was kicked off the team for uplifting a stop sign. Also, we knew this news was coming nearly for three weeks after the task force confirmed that the event should be called off.

A quote from Leath via WHOtv:

"“I understand that it is very sad and disappointing to see this 92-year tradition come to an end, and there may be some who are upset with this decision, but I am not going to continue to put students at risk so that we can preserve what, to many, has become a week-long party,” Leath said."

For some students, that doesn’t matter. There’s already petitions and a Facebook group that has been built to keep the tradition going. It’s only been up for a few hours and it has around 200 likes at the time of this post.

"Unofficial VEISHEA will begin on April 12, 2015, a Sunday for those of you who like to get started early, and run until Saturday the 18th.To get word out, I want everyone to invite their friends, anyone that might be interested in coming down and continuing the celebration!"

To be clear, the group doesn’t condone the shenanigans that transpired on that fateful Tuesday, but they still want a week as an excuse to reel in buddies to come around and drink for a whole week.