Happy National Moving Day, Iowa State fans!


Today is August 1st, which means one thing in the big college city of Ames, Iowa: It’s the unofficial


Moving Day.

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August 1st is the annual day where Iowa State students, alumni, or graduates/flunkies who haven’t moved on with their lives or those that happen to get a job in the area move from one place to the other where they will spend approximately one year of their lives.

Apartments generally range in move out day — for the last week, everybody’s lease was up and they had to either spend a few days homeless or were lucky enough to stick around until Thursday. For me personally, I’ve always been involved in the process each year — yesterday I had to help move my girlfriend and the reason why there wasn’t any new content in the final day of July.

However, I’ve only moved my stuff once, never having to embrace the cavalcades of an entire move since I moved into the one and only apartment I’ve ever lived in. I lived in a relatively new apartment complex back in the day, away from Campustown, and am wired with DirecTV. Those are the reasons why I’ve stuck around in the same area. Strangely enough, without anything improving around me, I’ve seen my rent skyrocket over $300 total during my last six years in this building.

Wait, am I going on my sixth or seventh year here? I don’t even remember. Too long is the correct answer. After my adventure through Iowa State, I finally decided to be a journalist in my fifth and final year. I got as much newspaper experience as possible on my way out and spent nearly two years at Sigler Printing while moonlighting sports blogging jobs covering the Oregon Ducks and this very fine blog site that you (hopefully) read every day.

I have moved up in the world while sticking around in Ames. While I had a good time at Sigler, I escaped the doldrums of repetitious production life and have become a full-time freelancer. It’s a lot more work and requires a lot of motivation, but it’s the ongoing process of fulfilling my dream to covering and/or blogging about sports, video games, and/or technology. Plus — I enjoy the hell out of it.

It’s a dream that requires luck, connections, and a lot of patience. But I’m dedicated to breaking through. You’ve seen an upramp in coverage and stories here during the summer that will only get bigger once the fall sports roll through. I do know that if I want to pursue my dream further, that requires me and the wife to leave the friendly confines of Ames and into a place with more opportunity. That time will be coming sooner than later.

Until then, I’ll enjoy the ride. And despite this day being horrible with overcrowded stores, lots of big trucks and UHauls filled to the brim of people’s crap, and bickering amongst the student’s parents finding broken kitchen appliances and yelling at the apartment managers, everybody will begin another chapter of their story after today.

If you have any stories to share about moving or what’s going on in your life, feel free to comment below. Happy


Moving Day, everybody!