Big 12 Media Days 2014: Paul Rhoads press conference highlights


Missed Paul Rhoads’ press conference during Big 12 Media Days? Don’t worry, here’s the best of everything that he had to say in his 20 minutes at the podium.

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There, we saved you from reading through a whole transcript, and we have large chunks of unedited quotes so you get the full Rhoads experience. And that’s the only way to have him.

As soon as Rhoads got to the microphone…

"Gilbert High School lost last night in the district championship, so it’s officially football season."

On his link with new offensive coordinator Mark Mangino and why he picked Mangino for the job:

"I spent eight years in Pittsburgh, and Mark’s a western PA guy.  So we knew each other through mutual people that way and had a respect because of that. Coached against him in 2009, my first year as the head football coach at Iowa State, and then his proven track record as a play caller, as a tough guy, type of coach in what he could bring to our offensive mentality that way, but at the very top of the list was the simplicity with which his offenses have had success, and that was something that our program needed."

On when the starting quarterback will be named:

"August 16th is our second full scrimmage.  And by the end of that scrimmage if not before we’ll be able to name the starter."

Jul 22, 2014; Dallas, TX, USA; Iowa State Cyclones head coach Paul Rhoads speaks to the media during the Big 12 Media Day at the Omni Dallas. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

On the controversial loss against Texas last year:

"There’s no question that devastating loss affected our football team.  But we came back the next week and fought like heck and lost a game by a touchdown, but then our butts started to drag a little bit lower and we suffered some bad defeats."

On incoming freshman wide receiver Allen Lazard:

"He came in and did a great job with our summer weight program this year.  Maybe even above our expectations as a coaching staff, and with that in mind, he’s going to get his reps."

Rhoads elaborates on Mangino’s simplicity:

"We’re not smart enough in Ames and even though it has several nicknames that would indicate that, that we’re going to go out and outsmart other coaches and other teams, we want to be simple where our kids can execute at a high rate of speed, and I think that’s exactly what Mark brings to our offense."

On the trouble with recruiting talented defensive linemen:

"…You walk through the shopping mall, you don’t see a lot of 6’6″, 290 pound guys that can run really fast nor anywhere else walking around the streets."

We’re not smart enough in Ames and even though it has several nicknames that would indicate that…we want to be simple where our kids can execute at a high rate of speed[.]

On what it means to play for Iowa State:

"I think if you’re playing in our program, you know it’s one that’s passion‑filled.  It’s blue‑collar.  It’s hard work.  It’s a program where we’re not afraid to wear our emotions on our shirt sleeve, and that kind of honesty is appreciated by our kids."

On not taking North Dakota State, an FCS opponent, for granted:

"Our football team got beat by an FCS team last year in Northern Iowa that played a great game, and the job Craig did at North Dakota State ‑‑ and I think they’ve got 24 consecutive victories and certainly three straight National Championships, we’re very aware of how dangerous they are and how effective that they can be no matter who it is that they’re playing."

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Transcript source: ASAP Sports