NBA Summer League 2014: Will Chris Babb be staying with the Boston Celtics?


Will Chris Babb be a member of the Boston Celtics? We evaluate his summer league season in Orlando and look at what analysts are saying about the situation, but the outlook isn’t great for the former Iowa State guard.

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Babb averaged 20 minutes per game, appearing in all five games and even started in the final two. Throughout the event in Boston, Babb averaged 5 points, 2 rebounds, and 1.6 assists per game.

Clearly, Babb struggled against the Indiana Pacers. He had his two worst games against them, only playing 8 minutes int he first contest and scoring 3 points while committing 3 fouls. In the second outing on championship day, Babb played 22 minutes but didn’t score, going 0-and-4 from the field.

Babb’s best game was against Detroit, reaching double digits for the one and only time with 10 points in 26 minutes of action, also recording 2 rebounds and 2 assists. He was efficient by finishing at the rim. He went 0-for-2 from 3-point range but 5-of-6 from inside the perimeter.

While detailing the excessive 3-point shooting on Boston, Hardwood Houdini doesn’t believe that the Celtics will be picking up Babb’s contract.

"Smart took 35 threes, making just 9 (25.7%). Pressey went 4-20 (20%). Olynyk made 5 out of 18 (27.8%). Chris Babb and Chris Johnson (both 3-16, 18.8%) didn’t help themselves with their shooting. If either wants to make it in this league, they need to be effective 3-n-D guys. It’s unlikely either of them get their contracts picked up."

However, another take from the same blog reveals how Babb is gaining significance with the fans and is certainly a favorite of writer Phil Bausk.

"Another guard gaining popularity among Celtics brass and fans is Chris Babb. Babb was my guy last year and until he is knocked off the roster, he will always be my guy. His skills are limited, but if he makes the roster, the C’s may have one of the toughest and more annoying backcourts in the Association."

Outlook: It’s doubtful that Babb will be back according to multiple analysts. He didn’t play better than his competition, and Phil Pressey‘s guaranteed contract earlier this week didn’t help matters. Chris Johnson and Babb are currently guards that are in trouble to stay on the team.