Twitter Tuesday: Everybody hates the new College Football Playoff trophy


With a new way to crown the college football champion comes a brand new trophy, and because it’s against Twitter law to like new things, everybody on the social media network hates it.

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For every one person that you actually see say something good about the new trophy, there’s about 30 people that say it looks ugly. Half of them compare it to a female lady part.

That’s about the norm for anything new that’s introduced in the world of Twitter.

Here is the public reaction to the College Football Playoff trophy.

I don’t really understand how so many people can develop hatred toward something like this. My vote goes simply goes toward a big waste of time in changing the trophy anyway, not to mention one that’s 35 pounds of 24-karat gold.

But it’s surprising to see the amount of people that actually hate this thing. What are your thoughts on the trophy?