Former Iowa State player Curtis Stinson’s mother passes away


Former Iowa State men’s basketball guard, Curtis Stinson, lost his mother, Rosezine, on Wednesday morning.

Assistant coach Matt Abdelmassih tweeted his thoughts and prayers to Stinson while Des Moines Register writer Tommy Birch passed along the tough news.

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Currently the cause of death hasn’t been released. However, it was known that Rosezine battled heart problems back in 2006 when Stinson played with the Cyclones.

In an incredible story, Stinson put up 27 points against Nebraska on the same night that he learned his mother was hospitalized with a heart ailment when she lived in New York. Stinson didn’t tell the coach or any of the team prior to the game.

Stinson revealed that Rosezine “had heart and breathing problems for about a year” after that game. She moved to central Iowa in 2002 to be closer to both Stinson and his son, Curtis Jr.

You could sense the close relationship Stinson had with his mom in a variety of articles. Here was an article from The Gazette on how he gained his toughness from Rosezine when he was fighting for a spot in the NBA two years ago.

"“I fight, I claw,” Stinson said. “I hurt my ribs. I have back problems, jammed up fingers. And I still go out there and try to play my hardest. I’m going to keep doing it until I can’t do it no more. If that (call up) day comes, I will get down on my knees and pray and definitely be thankful for it. But if not, what can I do? I’ve just got to keep playing and keep moving on.”Stinson’s toughness traces back to his mother, Rosezine.She taught him how to cook and self-reliance skills at a young age; to respect himself and others.It’s a set of attributes he’s passed on to his son, Curtis Jr., who lives with his mother in Ankeny."

Stinson’s toughness traces back to his mother, Rosezine.

There was also an article posted just last March from the Des Moines Register that revealed Stinson’s mother kept his NCAA tournament souvenirs.

"Iowa State star guard Curtis Stinson said his mother, Rosezine, kept the souvenir watch he received at the NCAA Tournament and now safeguards it.“My mom was like, ‘You’re not going to mess this up’ and put it in a case,” Stinson said of his mother, who moved to central Iowa from New York two years ago to be closer to her son and grandson, Curtis Jr. “I’ve got my all-access pass and things like that. Lots of memories.”"

It’s a real tragedy for Stinson and our condolences go out to the entire family. Stay strong, Curtis.