Twitter Tuesday: Reaction to the new Big 12 logo


The Big 12 relaunch starts today, and with it comes a brand new Big 12 logo. Of course, Twitter had the negative responses you would expect.

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Looking at the overall response, the public generally is not high on the new look or are only quick to look at the standard red outline and believe that it’s too “Oklahoma Soonerish”.

At least some had thoughtful or kind words to say on the new design. Here are some of the good and bad reactions from the Twitter world:

This was in response to some people that didn’t understand why the logo was in red, or “Oklahoma” colors. The parent tweet has apparently been deleted.

My response isn’t negative by any stretch. It is a bit cartoony for my tastes but it won’t be that hard to get used to. What I do like about it is how easy it is to alter into your own school’s colors.

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