People think ‘Hooray for Ames’ video can hurt Iowa State recruiting


We’ve got a new candidate for the dumbest Iowa State sports article, and it comes from the same source that talked about the vastly overrated Cyclones men’s basketball team after Christmas.

Andrew Fisher of Rant Sports gives us an entire article about the the viral sensation of “Hooray for Ames,” a video that’s admittedly cringe-worthy, and trashes it to the point where he thinks it can actually affect Iowa State recruiting.

Despite the fact that it was made to be hokey to begin with (one of the first lessons in marketing is to create something that’s memorable), Fisher actually takes it seriously and critiques the video.

"The folks that created this video tried to make the college town more appealing in a new video, but let’s just say it falls short of boosting Ames’ stock."

The rest of the article is just nothing but nonsense that contradicts itself. After the video, Fisher says that you “couldn’t make it all the way through, could you. [sic]”

Yet, he classifies it as a video that “falls in the category of ‘terribly awesome’ things” and then later goes back to saying the video “is real. It’s also real, real bad.”

Even worse is the entire contradiction of the headline, where he states that the “video is so bad it could hurt recruiting,” but then he finishes with this: “It’s doubtful, but certainly not out of the question.”

I didn’t even get to the point where the whole subject of the article is dumber than anyone that says Paul Rhoads is on the hot seat or Fred Hoiberg is going to the NBA. Whatever it takes to get over 200 words so your article can be displayed in Google, I guess.

This trainwreck of an article is worse than the video itself. And no, it doesn’t fall into the category of “terribly awesome” things.