Here’s the most cringeworthy music video about the city of Ames


A local music video touting the reasons why Ames is great, especially it’s water, is receiving the expected response in the comment section and on Twitter.

Locally produced music videos generally go viral for one reason — they’re horrible. While I wouldn’t put “Hooray for Ames!” in that category because people put in the time to edit this and turn it into an actual music video, its cringeworthy rating is at the top of the charts.

The video was posted by Water Rocks!, an extension of Iowa State University that wants “to educate, challenge, and inspire young people about all things water.”

The emphasis on how great the water is in Ames is clear in the video, referring to it multiple times.

Watching the video can make you feel as uncomfortable as some of the actors looked during it, especially when they pump their fists in the air. You’ll feel bad for the dog that was dragged into this when he clearly didn’t want to be there. There will even be that moment when your jaw drops when a guitar solo kicks off toward the end.

Then, the video will stop, and the catchy tune will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. And I believe that’s the whole point of this hokey video.

Well played.