Hawkeye Vodka girl deletes her Twitter account


Aug 31, 2013; Iowa City, IA, USA; The Iowa Hawkeyes marching band practices before the game against the Northern Illinois Huskies at Kinnick Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Samantha Goudie, the infamous Iowa Hawkeyes girl that blew a .341 blood alcohol content level at Kinnick Stadium on Saturday, has taken herself off the grid.

After a weekend full of retweeting her new fans of how awesome she was and telling all the haters to “f off,” perhaps she finally had some sober clarity and realized what she doing was permanently affecting her image.

Commenter HawkeyeDem, who posted on Clones Confidential’s previous post about Goudie, gave us a little more clarity on what happened with the girl during Saturday’s festivities:

"She is an idiot, but she was arrested and taken to Kinnick jail, also known as the stadium’s holding cell, over an hour before kick off. So her statement that she wasn’t trying to enter the game is accurate. Assuming she was even trying to get on the field, she attempted to do so over an hour before kick off. Fortunately for her parents’ sake she has disabled her twitter feed. Too late, but it has been disabled. While she was totally wasted a word of warning to people attending Iowa games you don’t need to be this wasted to be arrested for Public Intoxication at Kinnick stadium."

Honestly, everyone does dumb things especially in the college years. It just turns out that Goudie’s mistake was blown up in the public eye with her Twitter account and the amazing BAC level. That really is a scary level, but it may be very surprising to see other students’ levels that never are checked on any given weekend.