Nike Unveils New NFL Uniforms; Should They Change Iowa State’s?


Nike instead of Reebok will have the job of producing the NFL’s uniforms for a couple of years.  Today, they unveiled their uniforms for all 32 teams.   Only the Seahawks had any major changes.  Overall, I like what Nike did because they didn’t change classic uniforms like the Colts, Packers, Steelers, and others.

In recent years, Nike has made plenty of new uniforms in college football, specifically the “Pro Combat” uniforms.  The Oregon Ducks have become the poster boy for these new uniforms including their bizarre uniforms they wore in this year’s Rose Bowl.

These new changes haven’t hit the Iowa State Cyclones yet.  Some fans want to fit in and adopt new uniforms while many others want to say constant with the current uniforms.  Personally, I want to stick with the current uniforms, but I am up for new ones maybe for a special occasion (like two year’s ago against Missouri).  All the best uniforms in college football have stayed classic over the years (Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Penn State, Michigan, etc.).  Here is what Texas coach Mack Brown said when he was asked about changing UT’s uniforms:

"“When they get Oklahoma, USC and Penn State to start changing, then come talk to us,” Brown said. “The Texas uniform is the Texas uniform, and it’s not changing.”"

I totally agree with him.  However, I don’t represent all of the Cyclone fans and below we’ll take a look at possible new uniforms.

Here is an article from Iowa State Daily discussing the uniforms pictured above.  The uniforms were designed by Shawn Brogden for fun because of his love for the Cyclones.  The uniforms are similar to the ones wore by Jack Trice and the Cyclones in 1923.

I would love to see ISU wear these for a special occasion.  I like the fact that they are throwbacks and not new ones.  However, in the article from ISD, the author emailed AD Jamie Pollard asking him what it would take for the Cyclones to come out in these uniforms.  Here is a summary of what Pollard said:

"He informed me that a uniform like this has been floated before as a special promotion for a single game, which is something the athletic department may consider. However, the costs for even a one-game change are exorbitant, at nearly $75,000. As such, it wouldn’t be something the department did on a whim, but it would be an internal decision."

$75,000 dollars is a lot of money especially for an athletic department that isn’t rolling around in money.  Yet, they should get some money back if a lot of fans buy the jerseys and maybe from the extra tickets sold to that game.

Let’s switch to basketball.  Right now, I think Iowa State has some decent jerseys, especially the road ones.  Something I’ve noticed in the past year is that a lot of teams that have unis made by Nike have extra detail in their uniforms.  Nike has a line of “Aerographic” jerseys which feature unique designs on the back.  Here are a couple of examples.

Now most of the programs that sport these jerseys are the most prestigious in the country.  That being said, I think it would be awesome if Fred Hoiberg’s team wore these “Aerographic” sometime down the road.  What design would be on the back?  I’m not sure, but a Hilton Magic theme would have to be worked into it somehow.

What do you think?  If you want new uniforms, what would you like?

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