TCU to Big 12?


Now that most of the dust has settled regarding the possible implosion of the Big 12, a new expansion committee has been formed.  The first goal of the committee is to add a tenth team to the Big 12.  Schools like Louisville, Air Force, BYU, and West Virginia are rumored to be the tenth team added to the conference.  In the past days, a new school has emerged as a possible replacement; Texas Christian University (TCU).  TCU is scheduled to join the Big East in 2012 but they may abort that plan to join the Big 12.  A source told ( that TCU “tops the list to be number 10”.

TCU makes the most sense geographically as it is located in Fort Worth, Texas.  TCU would be the only school located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.  TCU already has a Big 12 rival in Baylor but could also form other regional rivalries with the other Texas schools.  TCU’s recent climb to becoming a football powerhouse is another good reason TCU would fit the Big 12.  TCU has won the Mountain West Conference the past two years and has gone to two straight BCS Bowls.

A report on reveals that Texas does not want to add TCU because “TCU gives the Big 12 nothing they don’t already have and sharing money with a school that adds no value makes no sense.”

Personally, I would like to see the Big 12 add TCU to be it’s tenth member.