West Virginia vs. Iowa State football: Five keys to victory


Iowa State’s losing streak is now at four games. If the football teams wants to cease it from reaching five, here’s the blueprint to success against West Virginia on Saturday.

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1. Aaron Wimberly has to be the man.

Paul Rhoads has said the lead running back is as healthy as he’s ever been. With two games left in his career, Iowa State might as well ride the horse while they got him. He needs to be a crucial part of the offense to keep that side of the ball on the field and give the defense a break.

2. Limiting running backs to under 100 yards.

We’ve reached the point of multiple running backs/quarterback getting 100-yard games on the ground in each game. Just like the Cyclone offense needs to stay on the field, the defense must get off the field.

3. Force West Virginia to kick field goals.

It’s more than just the obvious reason. Sophomore kicker Josh Lambert has missed three of his last six attempts against Texas and Kansas State. Missing could always be crucial, just like what Iowa State learned when Cole Netten missed his two kicks last week.

4. Iowa State’s secondary needs to pick it off at least twice.

West Virginia has a -15 turnover ratio, and have thrown five picks in the last three games (10 picks this season). Paging T.J. Mutcherson, Nigel Tribune, or the other Sam Richardson!

5. Opponent completion percentage averages need to be switched.

Iowa State allows their opponents to complete 61.7 percent of their passes while West Virginia only allows 53.5 percent. That has to change, and that also applies to third down conversions allowed. West Virginia allows their opponents to complete a third down conversion 30.5 percent of the time. Iowa State? 45.7 percent.