Texas Tech vs. Iowa State football: Five questions with the opponent


Our chat with Weston Wilson, one of the editors over at FanSided’s Texas Tech blog, Wreck ‘Em Red. We talk about the Red Raiders’ disappointing season, if head coach Kliff Kingsbury is in any trouble, how quarterback Davis Webb has played this year and if he will start this Saturday, and more.

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Clones Confidential: After great start in the Kliff Kingsbury era, Texas Tech is 4-12 in their last 16 games dating back to last year. What is the temperature level of the fans toward him?

Wreck ‘Em Red: It has been a rough year for sure, likely the worst year in nearly 20 years for Texas Tech. I think the average TTU fan is frustrated and really isn’t used to this kind of season at all, but most people who really pay attention to Kingsbury’s work ethic and recruiting know that its going to get better. Its just going to take some time. He’s young and nearly his entire coaching staff is young, this year has seen some big time growing pains.

CC: Texas Tech quarterback Davis Webb is currently probable to play against Iowa State. How has his second season been after being declared the guy once Baker Mayfield transferred to Oklahoma?

WER: After really shining in the 2013 Holiday Bowl, Webb has regressed a lot. He has been a turnover machine and has looked rattled and unstable in the pocket all season long. I wouldn’t write him off yet, but true freshman quarterback Patrick Mahomes has shown he can protect the football and extend plays with his legs. From what I’ve heard, I’d assume Mahomes gets the start against ISU.

CC: Red Raiders running back DeAndre Washington has really seen a ramp up in production in the second half of the season and is close to breaking the 1,000-yard mark this season. What has he improved on to see more touches on the offense.

WER: Well first, running back Kenny Williams had a stint at linebacker this year that didn’t work out and Washington was really the only experienced every down back on the roster, so he has got the bulk of the carries this year. Second, one of the few bright spots on Texas Tech’s 2014 team is the offensive line. Not only are they great pass protectors, but they open big holes for Washington and it has made a world of difference for him. I expect him to pass 1,000 yards this year, something that hasn’t been done in Texas Tech’s “Air Raid” era (pre-2000).

CC: Texas Tech ranks at the bottom among eight teams nationally that give up over 500 yards per game. What’s been the problems on the defensive side of the ball this year?

WER: Tech has really had a tough time on the defensive side of the ball. Every player on the team has had a different defensive coordinator every year they’ve been here, which is never good. That coupled with a lack of depth on the defensive line has spelled disaster this year for the Red Raiders defense.

CC: How big of a disappointment was this year for Texas Tech? What were the realistic expectations for this team heading into the season?

WER: Going into the season, most media outlets and fans were expecting 8-9 wins (as silly as that sounds now), so I’d say its a 7-8 on the disappointment scale. Both the offense and defense have suffered this year. After losing on a last second field goal to West Virginia at home after playing a nearly complete game, I think the team was just broken down after that. A good recruiting class and quite a few returning players for 2015 could inspire some hope for a much better season next year, but we all know how pre-season predictions go.

Wreck ‘Em Red also interviewed us, and our thoughts on the upcoming game are over there.