College football predictions: Former Iowa State players pick Week 10 games

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Deon Broomfield

Iowa State safety from 2009-2013. Recorded 57 tackles in his senior season; 4 forced fumbles and 3 interceptions in his career.

Oklahoma @ Iowa State:

Iowa State comes out of the bye with extra time to prepare for OU. Expecting an ISU win!

Northwestern @ Iowa:

Iowa appears better. Hawks by 3.

Florida vs. Georgia:

Florida with the upset to keep Will Muschamp’s job for another year.


TCU in a blowout!

Auburn @ Ole Miss:

I think Ole Miss gets back on track with the W.

Arkansas @ Mississippi State:

Miss State keeps it rolling in a blowout.

Stanford @ Oregon:

Stanford offense is struggling and won’t keep up. Oregon easily.

Texas @ Texas Tech:

Texas gets the W. Red Raiders are bad this year.

Arizona @ UCLA:

I think Arizona wins. Not sure why, but they will.

Utah @ Arizona State:

I think Utah will win close again this week. Underrated!