Iowa State men’s basketball: Dustin Hogue won’t play in Hilton Madness dunk contest


Iowa State head coach Fred Hoiberg revealed that Dustin Hogue won’t be participate in the dunk contest during Hilton Madness this Saturday.

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Why? Because he’s “old.”

From The Des Moines Register, in response to if Hogue is hurt:

"“No, he’s just old,” Hoiberg said of Hogue, 22.Old?“That’s not the case,” Hogue said. “These knees still work. He’s just trying to give somebody else a chance.”"

It’s a switcheroo from the situation during the dunk contest for the YMCA Capital City League this summer. Hogue was able to win that event while Jameel McKay sat out. There was trash talking then between the two forwards, and if McKay is able to come out and dominate in front of a larger number of home fans, then the transfer may have a legitimate case to be the best dunker.

However, Hogue isn’t picking McKay, who did end up being the Cap City League MVP. He’s actually picking the walk-on JUCO, Kourtlin Jackson.

Considering that Jackson isn’t just a freshman coming in, that’s good news for the underdog. But five inches shorter and winning the DUNK contest over McKay, who we’ve seen look pretty damn good in videos?

THIS Jameel McKay, who took a shot and dunked in his own rebound?

I don’t know. Hogue is a pretty smart guy, but picking Jackson looks like a risk.

Let’s see how good Jackson is. Here’s a video of both the 3-point and dunk contest from the Cap City League. Jackson’s dunks start at the 5:30 mark.

All right, maybe Jackson has a case, but it’s too damn bad Hogue won’t be doing it after looking at his dunks afterwards. Come on, Hoiberg. Let him do at least one!