Toledo vs Iowa State football: Weather report


Has Iowa State football finally reached a day where it’s not going to be picture perfect for the game? Outside of being a little chilly — nope.

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Ames has had a very dry week, and that will continue until the tail end of the weekend. While it feels like it’s in the mid-70’s on a Wednesday afternoon, the temperature will taper a bit and we won’t be seeing highs go much past 60 degrees F for the rest of the week.

Here’s what things look like on Saturday:

  • Temperature at 8:00 AM CT: 38 degrees F
  • Temperature at 2:00 PM CT: 57 degrees F
  • Status: Sunny and clear
  • Precipitation: None (0-2 percent chance of rain)
  • Wind: 4-7 miles per hour from East, shifts from Southeast at kickoff

For the early tailgaters, a jacket will be required as it’ll be just above freezing, but it’ll be perfect out around noon. Kickoff will be perfect, the game will be perfect, and everything will be dry once again.

For those visiting the area just for the weekend, rain won’t be an issue until late on Sunday. So there’s plenty of time for people to get in and out without having to worry about weather.

It’s been great to see weather not impacting any Iowa State games as of yet. Expect that trend to continue as the high is supposed to be in the 90’s and another sunny day for the Texas game in Austin (obviously temperatures at kickoff will be a little different as the game will be at night).

Iowa State kicks off against Toledo at 2:30 PM Central time on Saturday at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, Iowa.