Baylor vs Iowa State football: Weather report


When will the weather ever get controversial? Another perfect forecast for Iowa State’s first night game of the season is in store, and that’s great news for tailgaters as well.

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Here’s the forecast for Saturday, September 27th.

  • Temperature at 12:00 PM CT: 73 degrees F
  • Temperature at 7:00 PM CT: 70 degrees F
  • Status: Sunny and clear
  • Chance of rain: 25 percent during overnight hours; 8 percent or less throughout the day.
  • Wind: 4-11 miles per hour from Southeast

If you’re going to tailgate for one game this season, it’s going to be next to impossible to find a better day for it. It may get a bit gusty as warm weather is mostly thanks to the southern winds, but it’s going to be absolutely perfect. For those that don’t like tailgating with winter coats, snow boots, or getting up early in the morning, it doesn’t get better than this Saturday.

Things will get cooler sharply after kickoff. By the end of the game, temperatures will fall to the low 60s. For those that don’t want to trail off to the bars to watch the game, it should be comfortable enough to watch outside provided fans have a jacket.

After having lots of rain this morning in the Ames area, things should dry out enough by tailgating time that grass lots should be all good to park on unless the overnight rains between Friday and Saturday are significant. For those that are leaving Ames late in the night or the following day won’t have to worry about weather issues — Sunday is looking like a carbon copy of Saturday.