Iowa State football: Paul Rhoads talks racing motorcycles, squash with Jay Mohr


Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads made another visit to Jay Mohr Sports on Tuesday, and there’s no question that the comedian and radio personality loves the Cyclones’ head coach as much as most fans. But he doesn’t really know ISU football that well.

You can listen to the interview that clocks in over 8 minutes here. Most of what was said can be found afterwards.

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— Rhoads on if the win over Iowa makes up for the first two losses of the season:

“To a lot of people it probably is, but we’d sure like to be 3-0 right now. We’re thankful for the victory.”

— On if the touchdown pass to E.J. Bibbs was drawn up from the “Tim Tebow playbook:”

“To be honest, I don’t know if Mark Mangino, our offensive coordinator, drew from that or not. We actually changed how we ran it earlier in the week and ran it successfully. Not the strongest pass that Sam could have thrown on it.”

— On what Rhoads would have done if he didn’t coach:

“My undergrad was economics. I thought I might get into investments if I didn’t coach. But I grew up as a coach’s son, and quite honestly it’s all I ever wanted to do.”

However, Rhoads clarified that he would rather “be racing motorcycles” instead of doing something in economics. Hard-hitting Mohr also asked what food Rhoads hates the most, and it’s squash.

— On dealing with injuries:

“We don’t have the quality depth. We’ve lost four kids for the season already through three games, and they all have come on Saturdays on game day. The rallying cry is next man up, and the kids have responded to that in great fashion and I’m thrilled with the attitude and what that’s done to the football team.”

Mohr then brings up the fact that Rhoads was the valedictorian of his high school. Rhoads’ response: “Cost me a lot of money to get that honor.”

The radio personality then kept messing up Tom Farniok‘s name, calling him “Jeff.” The blame was put on USA Today, although I couldn’t find any reference to “Jeff” Farniok there.

— On the rough schedule ISU faces:

“The Big 12 scheduling gods have got us playing the last three champions as our first three games in the conference schedule. There’s no question the schedule is challenging. NDSU has won the last three FCS national championships and have won 28 games in a row.”

Good job, good effort for Mohr, but screwing up Farniok’s name and mispronouncing the town of Nevada (which is passable) makes you understand why he hasn’t broken much higher in the sports talk business. Mohr has been doing his gig over at FOX Sports Radio now for over 18 months, taking over for Jim Rome when he moved over to CBS Sports Radio. However, it looks like Mohr will be going elsewhere after Rich Eisen picks up the time slot following Dan Patrick on the lineup in October.