Kansas State vs Iowa State football: Instant reaction


Kansas State finally regained the lead late in the fourth quarter, 32-28, having the game winning drive after Iowa State couldn’t complete a final drive to finish the game. It was almost a video that Iowa State fans have seen over and over again.

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But Iowa State can’t come out of the loss completely upset. Zero points in the second half was disappointing, but they were in a position to win the game. Everything was improved from a week ago.

Sam Richardson was incredibly smart all day. He made plays out of nothing with his legs when the offensive line broke down. He at one point had 14 straight completions, just four shy of the record. It wasn’t picture perfect — some passes were completed thanks to the athleticism of these receivers — but overall, you saw why Richardson won the job under center.

Obviously, you can’t say enough about Jarvis West. The dude was on fire in the first half, making great catches, taking a punt return to the house that completely changed the complexion of the game, and passed it to Allen Lazard for the true freshman’s first touchdown catch of his career.

The defense was a mixed bag, but at least it improved. A couple of drives looked weak, but they held up when Kansas State could have taken over the game. Just giving up two field goals after the touchdown was pivotal in this game.

We all know the defensive line is the weakest part of the team, and Jake Waters was able to run on them. But the secondary held up all game long. They stopped Kansas State in the air multiple times and held Tyler Lockett in check — until the very end of the game, which bit them in the end.

Some fans won’t be satisfied, but I think most of Cyclone Nation knows what the situation is. This ending is just what happens with the Cyclones. Until they’re able to win the big game, we’ll keep seeing this film over and over. Kansas State pulled out another close game against Iowa State that was decided by less than a touchdown. At least we know Iowa State can compete this year. Now they just have to get over the hump and win these games.