Kansas State vs Iowa State football: Weather report


It was incredibly hot and humid in the Ames area on Thursday. Today? Much cooler with periods of rain. So with how crazy the weather has been lately, what should we expect for tailgating and game weather on Saturday morning?

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Similar to last weekend, fans luck out when it comes to rain. It’s going to be clear and perfect for football all day on Saturday. In fact, it’s going to be perfect all weekend long. It’ll just be a little bit cool for those tailgating in the early hours of the morning.

  • Temperature around 6:00 AM CT: 48 degrees F
  • Temperature around 11:00 AM CT: 66 degrees F (it will only get warmer as the game progresses)
  • Status: Clear
  • Chance of rain: Less than 2 percent between 6:00 AM and 3:00 PM
  • Wind: 5-6 miles per hour from North-Northwest

To put the temperature in contrast from last Saturday, this week’s kickoff will be equivalent to how warm it was when tailgating started last week. Definitely bring a jacket or sweatshirt to wear if you’re popping open beer cans at the crack of dawn. Or just stand right next to a grill — it’s an excuse to get first dibs on the food.

The temperature could be as high as the mid-70s during the second half of the game, so if you’ll be in Jack Trice Stadium or around the tailgating lots, you won’t need that jacket/sweatshirt anymore.

Thankfully the rain will be staying away through the entire weekend — Sunday will be a carbon copy of Saturday. Then a monsoon apparently comes through during the first half of the upcoming workweek, so that’s exciting.