Iowa State football: Kansas State quarterback sends best wishes to Quenton Bundrage


Even though it’s the midst of game week between the Iowa State Cyclones and Kansas State Wildcats, that didn’t stop a player sending well wishes over to another player on the opposing team.

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Kansas State quarterback Jake Waters tweeted out on Monday night that he sends his prayers to Iowa State wide receiver Quenton Bundrage after it was announced that Bundrage would be out for the season. The wide receiver appreciated it.

Simple and quick, these are the good things that Twitter can bring to the world. It doesn’t take much to show that even in the middle of business it’s possible to think outside of just trying to beat the opponent. Waters steps away from the preparation during game week and hopes that one of the more talented players in the Big 12 gets better soon.

Waters pays attention to the Cyclones, a school that he did want to play for. The KSU quarterback played at Iowa Western before heading off to the opposing Big 12 school. So, since he wanted to play at Iowa State, the million dollar question is why wasn’t he recruited by Paul Rhoads?

Because the Cyclone head coach had faith in Sam Richardson to be the future of the football team. The Des Moines Register has a great piece explaining how Waters was recruited after getting some attention at Iowa Western. He also has close ties with Aaron Wimberly after rooming with him at the community college, and he’ll occasionally retweet the Cyclones’ starting running back.

Waters represents what the “Farmageddon” rivalry is between Iowa State and Kansas State. There’s much more respect between two schools that were abysmal in college football until Bill Snyder did the unthinkable and turned the program around. It’s much less vitrolic than what Cyclone fans and players will be experiencing in about a week.