Iowa State football: Dish Network will air North Dakota State game


Iowa State fans that have Dish Network will no longer be shut out of watching the Cyclones’ home opener against North Dakota State.

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FOX Sports and Dish have come to an agreement to show all the football games this season, including the first four games this weekend. Dish now officially shows the most college football of any cable or satellite provider. From The Des Moines Register:

"“DISH is now in a position to deliver the full programming lineup of Fox Sports 1, including the college football games kicking off (Thursday night) to DISH customers with America’s Top 200 programming package and above,” a DISH press release said.“We are proud to deliver the most college football anywhere, at the best possible value,” Josh Clark, DISH vice president of programming said in the statement."

DirecTV is generally known for being the home of sports programming and does have more of it overall in comparison, but Dish has the Longhorn Network and Pac-12 Network — two networks DirecTV doesn’t have.

FS1 is and would stay on Dish Network, but if there wasn’t an agreement to show the games, they would have been blacked out for everybody that subscribed to Dish across the country. Disputes just don’t happen with subscription price per subscriber — it also involves specific programming that the channel airs, but these kind of disputes normally don’t happen. Normally, a company that runs a certain network or networks would threaten to pull the channels off the service completely.

Either way, it’s great to see that more Cyclone fans will be able to watch the season opener on Saturday, about 275,000 more people in Iowa according to the DMR article. Kickoff is at 11:00 AM Central time on FOX Sports 1.