Iowa State football: Paul Rhoads previews North Dakota State


Here’s a complete recap of what Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads said during his press conference on Monday. Also, there’s some notable quotes from Sam Richardson, Cory Morrissey, and Tom Farniok.

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— He complimented North Dakota State, saying that “they belong on the national level.” He believes the Bison can beat anyone on any given Saturday.

— Looking at the offense and defense for NDSU, the defense is certainly the core of why this team’s been so dominant on the FCS level and what’s contributed to multiple upsets against FBS foes. The offense is more “old school”, an offense that uses a traditional fullback and could use multiple tight end sets. One thing to note: there are two TE’s listed over 6-foot-4 on the depth chart.

— Iowa State does plan to throw on NDSU. They have four wide receiver sets and they will likely include Allen Lazard. He’s “sure he’ll get a ball tossed in his direction.”

— Three key words to describe Sam Richardson: healthy, stronger, and smarter. He “was named our starter for a reason.”

— Interesting take: Rhoads compares this squad to 2009 when the team wasn’t expected to do much. That was Rhoads’ first year as head coach, and he opened up with North Dakota State back then. With a retooled coaching staff, it might feel like a new start for Rhoads.

— As expected, the secondary has looked strong — Rhoads defined them as “veteran players.”

— Rhoads also talked about Jamison Lalk‘s move to starting at guard that we mentioned earlier and the two scholarships he gave to Drake Ferch and Ben Boesen.

Notable player quotes

Quotes compiled from various media reporters on Twitter (Chris Williams, Tommy Birch, Dylan Montz).