Let’s talk about Kansas Jayhawks’ new ‘Crimson Chrome’ uniforms


The Kansas football team unveiled a new uniform for the 2014 season. Dubbed “Crimson Chrome”, the all-red, chrome-helmeted alternates will definitely be getting some attention.

Here’s a video introducing the Kansas Jayhawks uniforms, and some close ups on Twitter.

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First reaction: Sorry, guys. Any uniforms that feature the same color from top to bottom are ugly. Iowa State’s all-red uniforms with the yellow stripes on the sides of the pants in the mid-2000’s were bad enough. They had a welcome change in their color scheme after alternating the logo, even if they do look like USC.

The chrome helmets I’m indifferent on. I don’t mind the flash on a helmet. The big Jayhawk head is kind of scary, and the big head right next to the full Jayhawks logo on the sides just doesn’t look clean.

Iowa State is not going to have any sort of flashy uniforms in the near future under Paul Rhoads. It was a surprise to get an alternate matte finish on the helmets that will be used for select games.

How teams control their uniform selection is one of many variables that go in recruiting. Kids these days like the crazy combinations. Rhoads knows that his hard-nosed personality can turn off some big prospects, but he believes he can win them over without showing crazy uniform combinations. He does so everytime he backs up his players, and the “so proud” moments that our friends in Eastern Iowa can’t stand.

Alumni will generally always be squeamish if something looks really over the top, but it really doesn’t matter what they think. They’ll still support the school if they’re giving donations, and the uniforms will be on display whether they like it or not.

Oregon’s a good example of a school that alternates jerseys and does it well. Not every uniform is a hit, but maybe since they’ve alternated it in damn near every game they’ve had enough practice doing it.

Some of the alternates the Jayhawks had last year were good, but they missed the target on the “Crimson Chrome”. What are your thoughts?