Iowa State football: E.J. Bibbs talks improvement from last season, playing in Big 12


Iowa State football tight end E.J. Bibbs talks about how he’s much more prepared heading into this season compared to his first season as a JUCO transfer.

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In an ESPN interview, Bibbs explains what he learned from a season ago, when he thought he was ready to play in the Big 12, what the new offense does for him, and more. Here are the highlights.

On the comparison of him from last year to this year:

"Last year, it’s a huge difference. I was coming in from juco, you’re excited, you have your head full and you realize the guys in the Big 12 can compete. You’ve got to get stronger and you’ve got to compete. Coming in I was so nervous about getting playing time and I got playing time. Then during the Tulsa game I started and after that I got into the flow."

On when he thought he could play in the Big 12:

"I think it was the Texas game, it got me going, I got that flow and I was hearing from the quarterback [Sam Richardson] ‘Hey, I’m coming to you, be ready.’"

On changing positions with the team going back to a spread offense:

"Not at all. My position is being physical and aggressive. If I need to line up out wide I can line up wide, if I need to come inside and put my hand in the dirt I can do that. Whatever helps, whatever makes my team win."

Head coach Paul Rhoads said during the conference media days that they will have three wide receiver sets (as opposed to four that some spread offenses use), but Bibbs is so versatile that he can easily line up as a tight end or a wide receiver on any given play. The interview ended with my favorite quote on his versatility:

"I love that, I love being out wide, being able to create a mismatch for the defense, especially linebackers. That’s my specialty, I love running routes and catching the ball."

Bibbs is a huge asset to the Cyclones and there’s a reason why he’s the unanimous best tight end in the Big 12.