Big 12 roundup: Baylor dominates ‘Athlete of the Year’ awards


On Friday, Baylor football’s quarterback, Bryce Petty, and women’s basketball’s point guard, Odyssey Sims, were named the male and female athletes of the year in the Big 12.

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Here’s how the Big 12 decides from a pool of 20 total athletes.

"Nominees are submitted by each Big 12 institution and selected, based on athletic performance, academic achievement and citizenship, by a media panel as well as fan voting conducted through the Big 12’s social media outlets."

Each school nominates one male and female athlete to be represented. This year for Iowa State, it was Melvin Ejim and Christina Hillman.

This isn’t the first time that Baylor swept this award. In the 2011-12 athletic year, Brittney Griner and Robert Griffin III won the awards. Previous to that, no Baylor athletes won the award. It’s now been four years since a Cyclone has taken home the award.

Lisa Koll won the award in 2009-10. Cael Sanderson did it back in 2001-02. They are currently the only male and female athletes from Iowa State to do so.

Congratulations to both Petty and Sims. Both of them were well deserving of the awards this year.

  • Oklahoma commit Austin Seibert kicked a 66-yard field goal at a training camp. The video is below, and yes, somebody’s already beat you to BOOMER!BOOMER!BOOMER!BOOMER!BOOMER!BOOMER!BOOMER! Also, Seibert had a message for the Texas fans that heckled them — Rating: 8/10. Damn funny.
  • Another Oklahoma update: Head coaches Bob Stoops and Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin are snarking back and forth about schedule toughness. Stoops never actually pointed at the Aggies, but Sumlin still decided to retaliate. Sorry, but they both suck at the schedule. Until they always schedule the toughest FCS opponent and face an FBS foe of equal or better talent than them, they can really just sit down and zip it.