Iowa State football: ESPN predicts Cyclones go winless in Big 12


Guess we don’t have to worry about Iowa State football this year. ESPN predicts that the Cyclones win just two games and go winless in the Big 12.

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And yes, they still know that Kansas is on the schedule.

The ESPN Big 12 blog predicted every Big 12 football game in the regular season. Oklahoma won it all going 11-1 with an 8-1 Big 12 record. Here’s the whole field:

"1. Oklahoma — 11-1, 8-12. Baylor — 10-2, 7-23. Kansas State — 9-3, 7-24. Texas — 8-4, 6-35. TCU — 8-4, 5-46. Texas Tech — 7-5, 4-57. West Virginia — 5-7, 4-58. Oklahoma State — 5-7, 3-69. Kansas — 3-9, 1-810. Iowa State — 2-10, 0-9"

I’ll back them on TCU, even if they lost Devonte Fields. It would be a huge loss, but there’s a lot of depth on that defense that can really help them. Texas might be a little high.

But Iowa State winless in the Big 12? How does it all happen? Let’s go through the predictions.

  • North Dakota State: W 35-31 (E.J. Bibbs and Quenton Bundrage take over in second half)
  • Kansas State: L 27-24 (Wildcats’ running backs struggle but Tyler Lockett ultimately beats them)
  • Iowa: L 21-17 (Iowa wins on 4th quarter go-ahead drive)
  • Baylor: L 45-21 (Cyclones will have 7 points in 3 quarters)
  • Oklahoma State: L 31-13 (Desmond Roland rolls again)
  • Toledo: W 37-27 (Bibbs gets 2 TDs, Nigel Tribune dominates in the secondary)
  • Texas: L 31-13 (Apparently the Cyclones’ worst game of the season)
  • Oklahoma: L 45-13 (Never mind, this one is)
  • Kansas: L 35-34 (Montell Cozart has a late go-ahead running TD and Ben Heeney intercepts the ball to win the game)
  • Texas Tech: L 38-34 (Davis Webb leads a two-TD comeback and the Red Raiders get the go-ahead TD in the final two minutes)
  • West Virginia: L 37-34 (Two receivers surpass the 1,000 yard mark on the season in the same game)
  • TCU: L 42-20 (Iowa State’s misery ends in agony)

Sweet Jesus. If that’s how the season’s going to pan out I might as well get 12 of these.

So the Cyclones are going to lose five games by four points or less, three of those losses they actually predict will happen in the final minutes of the game–

Oh, no, that does happen to Iowa State a lot. Never mind. Carry on, ESPN.

103 days until men’s basketball begins, everybody!