Iowa State football: Cyclones have worst odds to win Big 12


According to Bovada, the Iowa State football team doesn’t have any real chance to win a national championship, but they have a 100/1 shot to win the Big 12 conference – tied with Kansas with the worst odds.

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Bovada, an offshore gambling website, posted future bets on odds for college football teams to win a national title and to win a conference championship.

Iowa State isn’t on the list of teams that are in contention to win a national title. California and Rutgers have the furthest odds to win it all at a 1,000/1 shot.

Other Big 12 teams that do have odds listed are Oklahoma with the fourth-best chances at 9/1, Baylor at 28/1, Texas at 50/1, Kansas State at 100/1, Oklahoma State at 150/1, TCU and Texas Tech at 200/1, and West Virginia at 300/1. Kansas is the other team that doesn’t have championship odds listed.

Other notables are Alabama and Florida State tied at 11/2 at the top of the list, Oregon at 7/1, Auburn at 10/1, Ohio State at 12/1 (highest Big Ten team), Florida at 33/1, Notre Dame and Michigan at 50/1, and Iowa at 100/1.

Here are those same teams ranked by their odds to win the conference. Think of it as Bovada’s unofficial Big 12 preseason poll.

  1. Oklahoma – 2/3
  2. Baylor – 11/4
  3. Texas – 6/1
  4. Kansas State – 10/1
  5. Oklahoma State – 10/1
  6. TCU – 15/1
  7. Texas Tech – 33/1
  8. West Virginia – 66/1
  9. Iowa State – 100/1
  10. Kansas – 100/1

Some people may scoff at the sight of Texas that high, but it’s solely based on name. Vegas sportsbooks know that some people will casually go through all the future bets and pick Texas because, well, it’s Texas.

But Iowa State getting the same love as Kansas? Despite how brutal the schedule is and how easy it could be to start 0-5, the Cyclones should be worth a little more than that.