Iowa State men’s basketball: Fred Hoiberg has successful pacemaker replacement surgery


Fred Hoiberg needed a battery exchange on Tuesday morning, and everything went perfectly for the Iowa State men’s basketball head coach for him to return to his normal schedule.

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Yesterday, it was learned that Hoiberg needed to have major surgery to replace his pacemaker. Here was a statement he left through the university after his surgery on Tuesday (via DMR).

"“The surgery performed this morning at the Mayo Clinic to replace my pacemaker was successful,” Hoiberg said. “The plan is for me to be discharged and allowed to return to Ames this afternoon.“I want to thank my doctors and nurses at the Mayo Clinic, as well as everyone that has extended their well-wishes to me. Our family truly appreciates your support.”"

How did the whole situation come about? Hoiberg noticed that things didn’t feel right when recruiting  and returning to Ames over the past couple of days, especially when working out.

He knew that his pacemaker that he received after open-heart surgery back in 2005 would need a replacement soon. It just wasn’t expected to come at this time.

The surgery isn’t risky as long as there are no further complications, and everything went fine for the head coach. He will be released this afternoon (if not already) from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Here’s a thumbs up from The Mayor after the surgery.

It’s good timing for the procedure to happen now. He won’t have to leave the men’s basketball team in-season for the surgery and miss any time.

More importantly, it’s great to hear the pacemaker replacement went as good as scheduled and let’s hope Hoiberg has a great and speedy recovery from the surgery.