Here’s Dustin Hogue winning the YMCA Cap City dunk contest (VIDEO)


Dustin Hogue won the YMCA Capital City dunk contest on Friday night, and he did it on a pretty sweet jam.

Here’s the video of Hogue’s event-winning dunk (via the Des Moines Register).


The group that was scheduled to appear in the dunk contest were Kourtlin Jackson, Sherron Dorsey-Walker, Trevor Berkley, Ore Arogundade, and Scott Bruxvoort.

Afterwards, Hogue laid down the smack talk on Jameel McKay, who was the favorite to win the event before having to back out with an injury.

"“He admitted to me that he didn’t want to get humiliated,” said Hogue, who scored 34 points in the NCAA Tournament’s Sweet 16 against eventual champion Connecticut, and Friday won the YMCA Capital City League dunk contest.The good money to win this all-for-fun event was McKay, the 6-foot-9 leaper, but a minor knee injury kept him from competing.“He also admitted to me that he was kind of scared,” Hogue said, chuckling. “We had a dunk contest in junior college, and I beat him. He didn’t want to get beat twice by me.”"

Before you tell Hogue to prove it, I wouldn’t be surprised if he could beat McKay. Here’s a featured dunk by Hogue at the Hoop Group Spring Jam Fest back in 2011 that sees him nearly tearing off the rim from the backboard.

It’s a real shame we couldn’t see McKay out there though. Cyclone fans are anxiously awaiting to see what he can bring to the table next season. But Hogue’s got some hops, kids. You think McKay can compete with that? Hogue would absolutely wipe the floor with McKay out there. No doubt about–