Iowa State men’s basketball: Season tickets available for $325


Interested in watching the Iowa State men’s basketball team live? Get out your pocketbook and head down to the ticket office — the best deal to watch all the games is with season tickets for a little over $300.

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With a minimum $100 donation, season tickets can be purchased for $325 right now at the ticket office near the stadium or it can be done at Ticketmaster. Women’s basketball general admission season tickets are currently at $99.

What’s the value of each ticket? Well, let’s break it down. Not counting the exhibition game against Viterbo, there are seven non-conference home games and nine conference games. Obvious math puts that at 16 total home games.

Your total amount for each game: $20.31, not counting other fees in purchasing the ticket online and not counting the donation.

The lack of a major home game in the non-conference season hurts the deal. You can tag “interesting” all you want in these — yes, Oakland is where former Cyclone Percy Gibson is headed, Georgia State can’t be taken for granted, Arkansas is from a power conference — but there’s nothing near the flair that Michigan or Iowa had.

In the years that Iowa doesn’t play at Hilton Coliseum is when not having Northern Iowa or Drake at home are sorely missed. There’s zero Iowa teams that will play in Hilton outside of Iowa State, and there’s something wrong with that.

However, the package more than makes up for it with nine Big 12 games. Having the chance to play everyone in the conference will be just as exciting as it was last season.

For those that want to catch Iowa State men’s basketball in a frequent manner, it would be wise to jump in and get this as soon as possible — they won’t last very long.