Iowa State men’s basketball: Monte Morris had 24 assists in one game


Despite some of the inflated numbers in the YMCA Capital City League, one stat from Monte Morris‘ game was beyond incredible.

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The freshman sensation blew away the competition in the Big 12 with a 4.79 assist-to-turnover ratio. He tallied 134 assists and coughed it up just 28 times. That’s insanity especially for a freshman.

In a game between the ADIO Chiropractic and Capital Orthopedics, that trend continued in an even bigger way. Morris dished the ball out 24 times, 15 more than Clayton Custer on the opposing team. He almost had more assists than points (26) and, naturally, he only turned it over once.

You can’t take much away from Cap City games. It’s one of the reasons why we don’t cover them much on the site. Essentially, it’s exhibition games that give us next to zero defense and they’re more for the fans to catch some local talent. They get more chances to see future Iowa State players in action while the players keep from getting rusty during the offseason.

For example, here’s some of the ridiculous numbers in these games from Iowa State ballers:

  • Matt Thomas, who was on Morris’ squad, hit 8-of-14 from downtown and finished with 46 points. He also had 10 rebounds.
  • Abdel Nader had 40 points and 13 rebounds.
  • The final score between ADIO Chiropractic and Capital Orthopedics was 143-119.
  • In a different game, Sherron Dorsey Walker and Dustin Hogue combined for 79 points and 33 rebounds in a 152-143 victory.
  • Many teams get near the 100 field goal attempts mark in each game. Some of them eclipse it.

Even with that all in mind, seeing Monte Morris take off for that many assists is still pretty incredible. At least we know he still has the mindset to dish it off and set up players with great opportunities to make their shots.