What does the Big 12, or XII, want itself to be called?


As you may have noticed, the Big 12 will have an official new logo this season, and we’ve already been seeing it spotted around campus has the transition takes place all summer long. The new logo just fuels the fire that is — how do we correctly refer to this conference?

I’ve made it a staple to refer to it as “Big 12” on this blog. Why? Because that’s how it’s written in the logo in front of the roman numeral, XII. A different logo for their digital media and their now-defunct TV network to supplement men’s basketball coverage also had a straightforward “Big 12.”

Since the conference announced its new logo last year, I knew that we weren’t going to be getting close to a resolution.

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In fact, I was pretty disappointed to see the new, cartoon-like logo. If they were going to change it, I would have liked to see them change it to something reminiscent of when the Big Ten had a hidden “11” in their logo when they had 11 teams. Hell, maybe just have the roman numeral X.

SB Nation correctly refers to the new logo looking like a temple. Something about it screams “XFL” or it’s a logo from a horrible Saturday morning cartoon. Either way, it looks a bit silly.

Then again, I’m not really into any of the ridiculous uniforms Maryland wears, but I guess we’ll do anything to attract young players. Even redesigning the logo.

But now with the name completely out of the logo, should I refer to it as Big XII? Or should I simply refer to it as “XII” just like many people refer to the Big Ten Conference as “B1G”?

I’m probably just going to keep writing the numerical form. It’s easier to type.

Photo H/T: Iowa State Football Twitter account